Sales to Customer Success Handoff - Best Practices for SaaS

SaaS founders, VP’s of Sales, and Customer Success leaders know that the Sales to Customer Success Handoff is one of the most important events in the customer lifecycle. Getting it wrong, can cause your customers to churn once their contract expires. But, getting it right has countless benefits like increased customer retention and contract renewal. The problem is, that many SaaS startups don’t have a defined process in place to create a successful Sales to Customer Success Handoff.
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How can we fix B2B Customer Onboarding?

After a decade in B2B SaaS, I’m convinced that B2B Customer Onboarding is fundamentally broken. A great customer onboarding experience cements your customers’ trust in your product and establishes your brand as a trusted partner. Every team wants to create an amazing customer onboarding experience but due to resource constraints, onboarding is always a second priority. This leaves everyone using a hodge-podge of clunky tools and strategies to try and drive their customers to success, leading to poor customer experiences and outcomes.
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